What type of data can be managed with a PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) is the process of managing the data required to market and sell products. PIM software manages complex product data and digital assets on a central platform….

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PIM software: the ideal means of creating quality publications

Companies have to adapt to this type of business by developing tailor-made sales models. Product Information Management, more commonly known as PIM, has become a necessity to ensure a single…

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A few tips to improve your conversion rate

The conversion rate is a kind of key performance indicator in digital marketing. It is the ratio between the number of Internet users having performed one or more actions on…

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3 mistakes NOT to make in digital marketing

Digital marketing requires the implementation of certain strategies. These strategies will allow you to reach your company’s goals. Similarly, for the site that presents your products or services; without the…

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3 tips to increase your sales

In times of crisis such as the one caused by Covid-19, you have to reinvent your business. Retailers and companies are looking for ways to increase sales to guarantee some…

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