A few tips to improve your conversion rate

The conversion rate is a kind of key performance indicator in digital marketing. It is the ratio between the number of Internet users having performed one or more actions on a website compared to the total number of visitors, over a certain period of time. The increase of this rate, for an e-merchant, is an indicator for the strength of his or her digital activities. Below are some tips on how to optimize this percentage.

Adopt visible call-to-action elements

To increase the conversion rate of any website, it is essential to insert elements in its content, that encourage visitors to take action. In other words, it is necessary to adopt inducement or call-to-action strategies. While it is crucial to put in place some incentives, you should know that this is not enough; it is important that they are easily spotted by Internet users who are visiting your website. Also, they should correspond to the products or services offered by the company. In this case, you are advised to favor action verbs and to opt for text colors that are in contrast with the background of the page in question. 

Develop quality and well-structured content

In order to improve the visitor experience and to optimize the conversion rate of a platform, it is necessary to make good content. Make sure that it does not contain any mistakes. Also, you should opt for appropriate grammar and syntax that suits the theme of the site. In order to convince the visitors of your seriousness, your web content must be well organized and put together in an optimal way. Indeed, your site must reflect the quality of the offers that you will propose to your prospects. Do not forget to create original elements.

Opt for a registration form or a request for an impactful estimate

The form to be filled for the subscription to an offer or for a request for an estimate on an e-commerce site must be clear, concise and precise; it should be short enough to induce visitors to fill it out. Indeed, a long form could have a negative effect on the potential actions to be taken by visitors. When they see its length, they might change their mind and not fill it in. So, the process should be simple. On the other hand, it is necessary to specify that the subscription is free and that the users’ personal information will be well protected. This being said, the improvement of the conversion rate of one’s website depends in part on the efforts invested by the e-merchant in the optimization of the platform.

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