What type of data can be managed with a PIM?

Product Information Management (PIM) is the process of managing the data required to market and sell products. PIM software manages complex product data and digital assets on a central platform. This allows brands, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to work from a single source of information. You may have heard this term before, as it is a disruptive technology that is rapidly developing in the retail sector. Depending on your objectives, you need to learn how to pick the right type of PIM for your business.

PIM software dedicated to product experience and data management!

PXM (Product Experience Management) is essentially the same software, but it is based on the idea that centralising information improves the end-user experience. After all, you can't touch the products before you buy them online, hence the need for information to understand what you are paying for. PDM (Product Data Management) is used for internal sharing of product data, the difference being that the information here is mainly useful for engineers and product designers. PIM is therefore a very important tool for marketing. 

PIM software dedicated to managing product content and data

PCM (Product Content Management) and PIM are related terms, but the former is usually an add-on to an e-commerce platform designed to enrich taxonomies and products. What distinguishes it from PIM (and often makes it the wrong solution) is that it does not aggregate information from multiple sources. The benefit of a PIM is that it can handle multiple formats of product information, synchronised across multiple channels from a single source of truth. MDM (Master Data Management) is universal internal storage for the information of an entire company (usually at the enterprise level). While PIM is used for product marketing, MDM is a more global system that can contain information about employees, machines, processes and, of course, products. Of course, it also costs much more.

What are the main benefits of using PIM software?

A PIM tool is a software extension that integrates with e-commerce platforms as well as other channels, data sources and software systems. It works as a multi-channel marketing tool that allows you to keep control of all areas of your online business strategy.

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