3 tips for managing your Facebook page

Among the most used and known social networks, Facebook remains a crucial one for your  business. It allows you to make prospecting, increase sales, promote your website, etc. You will…

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How to write a good advertisement?

A company must invest in making its services and products known. To do this, it must advertise its offerings. Making an effective and impactful advertisement is not an easy task…

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How to generate quality traffic on your website?

To improve the traffic of a website, it is essential to have a higher ranking on the search engine positioning or SERPs. The natural referencing is however a long-term work….

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How to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign?

A marketing campaign is an important investment as it allows you to increase the number of your customers, and therefore your turnover. However, it is important to note that a…

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Why and how to do retargeting?

Retargeting is used in marketing to provide information to prospective customers of companies. These indications are given to those who are interested in the company or its products and who…

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