The key steps of an operational marketing campaign

Properly planning your marketing campaign is essential for outstanding success and business development. Investing in communication and advertising is essential to attract customers and increase sales. To do this, you ought to understand the key steps for a successful marketing campaign.

Definition of the budget

To run a successful marketing campaign, the first thing to do is to determine the marketing budget for the campaign. The idea is to know the total amount you will spendĀ  on marketing. In this case, it is possible to rely on the overall annual budget of theĀ  company while reserving a part for communication. You need to plan everything including the various communication levers to be used. These comprise social networks, posters, online ads, etc. On the other hand, the analysis of conversion rates, cost per click and ROI is of high priority. Know that in this step, you can request the support of a specialized agency. It will help you define your budget according to your objectives and your situation.

Determining your goals

Once your marketing budget for the campaign is set, think about your actual goals. In fact, the ideal is to set SMART objectives, which are specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic and time-bound. You must understand that a clear objective is fundamental in order to succeed in your marketing campaign at all costs. Whether you want to increase awareness, attractiveness or traffic, set goals with each of your marketing levers. Specific goals for all your product categories or for your target customer segments. Keep in mind that the clearer and more specific your goals are, the better you can measure and evaluate your marketing progress.

Creation of the marketing action plan

Creating an action plan is the third key step in an operational marketing campaign. To do this, you need a marketing calendar that presents the actions to be taken during the year and the promotional highlights. This way, you can have a good vision to optimize your marketing efforts and your time. It is also important to visualize in advance the time needed to put a communication action in place. On the calendar, also note the validation deadlines. In fact, the idea is to refer only to the calendar to implement a plan. Finally, you need to conduct a performance analysis based on the obtained results.

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