How to optimise your marketing strategy?

The implementation of a marketing strategy allows you to benefit from countless interesting benefits. It requires, however, that certain essential steps be taken into account! What exactly is a marketing…

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Things to know about market research

Do you have a more or less precise idea of taking over a project or founding a company? Before launching your project, you should consider conducting market research. This is…

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Segmentation strategies in operational marketing

In operational marketing, there are several strategies to deploy in order to ensureĀ  success in the field. Segmentation is one of these techniques that will allow you to reach your…

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How to choose the most effective communication channels for an operational marketing campaign?

In general, many communication channels that allow a company to carry out an operational marketing campaign are available: flyers, leaflets, television, posters, press, community management, etc. However, it is difficult…

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The key steps of an operational marketing campaign

Properly planning your marketing campaign is essential for outstanding success and business development. Investing in communication and advertising is essential to attract customers and increase sales. To do this, you…

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