3 tips for managing your Facebook page

Among the most used and known social networks, Facebook remains a crucial one for your  business. It allows you to make prospecting, increase sales, promote your website, etc. You will only need to know the rules and follow some tips to manage your Facebook page.

Schedule page content to save time

The scheduling of publications is the most practical tool of this social network. Indeed, you have the possibility to make a publication even if you are not connected anymore. This feature is very practical especially if you have a busy schedule. To write the content of your publication and at the same time schedule it. You will have to reserve a time in the week, so that you stay more productive. This method will allow you to be more productive instead of spending only a few minutes a day designing the content of the post on your Facebook page. You will only have to monitor the comments to respond once the content is published.

Knowing the habits of subscribers

Scheduling your posts offers many advantages but you still need to find the right time. Among the available features, you have the possibility to know when the subscribers are the most present on the social network during a given period. To choose the best time to make a publication, this information is very practical. It allows you to reach as many followers as possible. If you choose to publish from 9am to 5pm for example, most people are at work. You will therefore have fewer interactions on the publications. You can find data on the number of connected subscribers in the "statistics" section of the publications tab.

Manage the Facebook page as a team

It can seem like a big job if only one person is managing the Facebook page. Inviting a few people to collaborate on the success of the page is the best solution. For this, you will need a moderator and an editor. The moderator's main role will be to respond to comments and the editor to create the content of the post. An analyst may also be needed to track statistics. Having at least two administrators is recommended for managing a Facebook page. If one of them can no longer access the page, you can be sure that there will always be a backup in case of a problem.

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