Why and how to do retargeting?

Retargeting is used in marketing to provide information to prospective customers of companies. These indications are given to those who are interested in the company or its products and who have visited the website while adding products to their shopping cart. This method aims to retain customers and accompany them through the buying mechanism. There are several ways to attract these customers to a company's website.

Why apply retargeting?

Retargeting has several advantages and can do a few things. First, it will significantly increase your conversion rate, which is the main goal. Re-presenting your service or product to people who are already interested can certainly improve transition rates. Secondly, retargeting campaigns also increase your visibility. Indeed, serving relevant ads to qualified prospects will increase your visibility, as it is easier to persuade users who have already shown interest in you than those who have not. In addition, retargeting makes it easier to push your prospects into the conversion doline. Identifying leads at the right time increases the chances of conversion, for example, if you use a retargeting campaign to drive prospects to a page on your website, scheduling to access that page can encourage prospects to contact you.

The various types of retargeting

In static retargeting, customers get generic ads, related to the company or brand. For example, if you run a travel agency and someone visits your site, you may decide to retarget them with generic ads. No matter which page a potential customer visits, your campaign will advertise your services, your latest offers or special promotions. This process is often used in B2B where you need to work on your image to appease and transform professionals. On the other hand, more targeted dynamic retargeting is based on specific behaviors to show personalized ads. It is aimed at firms that seek to encourage impulse purchases.

How to do retargeting?

Actually, there are several platforms available to set up retargeting campaigns. The most popular of them is Google Ads which allows you to retarget Internet users on their search results pages, inboxes or YouTube. With Facebook Pixel, you can re-target your visitors by advertising on Instagram, Facebook or broadcasting on related sites. Apart from that, LinkedIn Ads offers the same services as Facebook. So, you can target your site visitors and your contact list.

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