How to secure an online transaction?

Thanks to the development of the Internet, online transactions are becoming more and more successful. Unfortunately, scams, hacks and frauds are also becoming more frequent. To face these problems, banking institutions offer customers more sophisticated devices to  secure online purchases.

What are the security issues related to online payment?

With the rise and development of large online retailers, Internet transactions are becoming increasingly popular. However, these types of platforms are becoming more and more vulnerable to hacks that lead to data leakage. The use of data collection software and phishing attacks make it easy to extract an individual's banking credentials, which opens the door to fraudulent use. Storing credentials and leaking them on a computing device could lead to someone using them without any authorization. To prevent all these problems, e-commerce platforms and banks have installed more secure identification systems for your online transactions.

How to secure your online purchases?

The use of a virtual card or e-Card allows to secure the purchases on the Net. It can reduce any risk of piracy during an online transaction. Be careful on some pages. A reliable and complete website address has https security. This is a certification and a guarantee of security for customers. Your passwords will be saved automatically, so always erase them. Unknown sites prove to be cheaper, they increase their hacking rate, by putting fake reviews. To be on the safe side, check the reviews of previous buyers. It is advisable not to save bank details. Empty your browser's cache and delete your cookies. And especially refrain from using a public network to avoid unpleasant surprises.

What to do in case of hacking?

If you are hacked during an online transaction, always remain calm. The first thing to do is to contact your bank branch. You can stop your card there by writing   a registered letter. To be on the safe side, contact the staff at the counter directly to report the theft. The bank will deactivate all payments on your card. The time required to stop payment varies from one bank to another, but the average time is not more than three days. The bank may or may not charge you. This service requires you to create a new credit card. Also, file a complaint with the police. They can also forward the file to the bank. This is a mandatory step that you can also do online. During the investigation, precise explanations on your part are required to find more information.

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