How to write a good product description?

In addition to the importance of product photos on a website, it must be said that to finalize a sale, words are just as important for the customer to decide to click on "buy". To write a good product description, you need to take into account these main points: good knowledge of your product and your target customer.

Write for your target audience

When writing your product sheet, but also all your articles on the web, for your  blog for example, it is especially important to know your target customer, the one who will read your article or your product description. In particular, you need to understand what their interests and preferences are. You need to find out who they are, whether they are serious or just looking, their age, their gender, their goals, their challenges, their weaknesses, and their aspirations. If you want to connect with your prospect or customer, you will need to use the right language and tone in all your product descriptions. Use words or phrases that they could potentially use. The principle is   based on one important word: consistency. You need to align the product description with your brand tone, i.e. align the texts with your brand image.

Focus on product benefits

We often notice mistakes when reading product descriptions. It is not simply giving the characteristics of the product in question. Indeed, showing the features is one thing in this part, but presenting the real benefits of the product is just as important. The notable difference between these two concepts is that the feature is a factual statement about the product. For example, the materials used in its manufacture or its weight. The advantages are mainly the experience that one can have with the product. The advantages are the real motivation behind any purchase. For example, you can show the materials that make it durable or the lightness of the material that makes the product so comfortable and breathable.

Writing a good product description: write for the senses and include the details

Since it is impossible for online shoppers to touch the product, a good description must speak to their senses. The idea is to describe the smells, tastes, sensations or sounds. The buyer must be able to imagine himself holding the product in his hands. Your product description must help them in this sense. So, expand your vocabulary and use very specific and imaginative terms instead of dull and general ones. Among other things, it is also better to try to give more clarity if ever the photos present an ambiguity and help the customers to understand the real purpose of their purchase.

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