Sales Marketing Resume

Harmonize your sales and marketing strategies

A company looking for a good marketing strategy can benefit from services designed to generate qualified leads. The chosen marketing agency can indeed reduce the enterprise’s cost of sales prospecting.

Generate and significantly increase your sales


Generate and significantly increase your sales!

PIM allows for the coverage of blog posts with the help of qualified teams. The main benefit of product data is that it is the basis for PIM and technical marketing. By using the help of an efficient provider, for instance by going for the Goaland solution, your company will be able to benefit from an efficient customer experience strategy that will accelerate its progress in the industry.

The digital boom

The buying journey

Experience details datasheets

Product Management

E-commerce marketing strategies

Content marketing is known to significantly boost conversion rates by producing infographics, blog posts, product guides, etc. SEO articles are other key factors in the success of a business.

Marketing plans

Marketing plans include thorough analysis elements.

Sales channels

E-commerce businesses use several sales channels.

Content marketing

It is a growth lever for better customer loyalty.

Sales automation

Use sales automation tools to automate tasks.


A powerful sales lever

Selling products or services to new customers to build loyalty and boost your turnover is essential. It is also crucial to have a seamless and accurate sales funnel. Indeed, a sales cycle should be at the centre of a company’s business model and for that, the said enterprise must have a detailed cycle diagram.

A powerful sales lever

Prospecting techniques

Before prospecting, you need to gather the contact details you have collected in your database. Group them together and then centralise the lot in a single file to make the right approaches.

Commercial telemarketing

Commercial telemarketing

A commercial telephone prospecting service includes a telemarketing service aimed at obtaining appointments.

Commercial prospecting through email marketing

Commercial prospecting through email marketing

As with any commercial prospecting strategy, commercial prospecting by e-mail follows specific rules that we will detail in our articles.

On-the-spot commercial prospecting

Commercial prospecting offers many advantages without the need to ever update your prospecting plan.

Identifying your marketing target

Starting a business or launching a brand or a product requires the identification of a marketing target. This technique is one of the fundamentals of successful communication.

B2B appointment scheduling

B2B appointment scheduling

Appointment scheduling is based on the use of e-mail.

Database files

The quality of database files makes prospecting more effective.

Customer and lead follow-up

Devise a long-term follow-up plan for your leads.

Events and webinars

Events and webinars

Know how to use marketing and sales techniques for e-tailers.

B2B marketing

Social Selling

Social selling has been on the rise for several years and has proven to be a handy trend aimed at facilitating settling in social networks. This approach centralises online contact details in a single file within a marketing and sales strategy, the objective being to generate substantial value.

Lead generation

Acquiring new customers requires the implementation of lead generation techniques. This term refers to commercial moves and direct interactions with customers used during a purchase cycle in B2C marketing.

Marketing communication

Marketing communication is based on product policy, price and distribution.

Product marketing

Product marketing generates the company’s income and is at the heart of communication.