The Right Way and Right Time to Ask for Higher Pay

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In most cases, the longer you work in a company the more you realize you deserve a higher pay. But to ask for it is not as easy as one would think; it can be awkward and risky. So how can you show your boss you deserve it? Is your loyalty enough to get a nod?

Just because you need it doesn’t mean you’re worth it. Take time to self-reflect and ask yourself these questions:

• “Is this the right time to ask?”
• “How long have I been in this company?”
• “When was the last time I got a raise?”
• “How did my being here help the company?”
• “Have I gone beyond their expectations or have I simply met them?”
• “How will I respond if I’m told ’No’?”

Before you knock on your boss’ door, do these things first:

1. Review your company’s policy
2. Know your worth in the market you’re in
3. Keep your emotions in check
4. Expect more responsibilities
5. List your accomplishments
6. Practice your approach
7. Time it right
8. Show him/her why you deserve it
9. Have a plan if you’re denied

Your “greater” needs should not be the reason you ask for a raise. Rather, it should be because you’re worth it. If you’re not happy with your job, a higher pay may not be the answer. But don’t worry about that because we’ll help you land your dream job with our quality sales resume writing service. Contact us today for inquiries!



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