Secrets to Building a Happier Sales and Marketing Team

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Hey, big boss! Is your sales or marketing team’s performance falling off? Sense their aura. Do they look happy? If not, maybe you could pause for a while, put aside your marketing strategies, and spend time considering their moods.

Look at that writer in the right corner of your office. Does she look relaxed? How about that sales guy in the next cubicle? Does he seem regretful on sending his resume and getting a job in your company? Tell me, do you really want to keep your best employees? Your first thought may be to offer them an increase. But what if it isn’t what they need to be happy?


Keep your employees contented and excited about their jobs. Follow these eight simple tips below:

1. Give constructive criticisms.

Feedback is the most critical part of work. It not only measures but also improves the quality of a team’s performance. So whether it’s positive or not, make sure you give your remarks and appreciate your staff’s contributions. Allot some time to express your thanks, correct their errors, and offer useful pieces of advice.

2. Play good music.

Let your employees relax by having some easy-listening music in the background. As believed, music can help lower stress levels.

3. Offer hot coffee or tea.

Several studies show that coffee breaks can enhance employees’ productivity and morale. Thus, offering a tasteful cup of tea or coffee in the workplace can help tasks run smoothly especially when things seem to go rough.

4. Present a flexible schedule.

Are working hours too tight to squeeze in some leisure time, personal errands, or after-office pursuits? Check your employees’ schedules and see if you can make changes and meet their needs halfway.

5. Create opportunities for growth.

Career opportunities should not just include financial rewards or promotions. They should also comprise of simple challenges that employees would be excited to take on daily. Giving unfamiliar tasks and short-term leadership tasks can keep the workplace fresh and thrilling.

6. Provide useful tools at work.

What happens when you give your employees their own office supplies, a fast computer, and a cozy workstation? All these little stuffs could change the way they finish their tasks and view their jobs.

7. Appreciate good performance.

Achievement and recognition are great motivators for employees. Reward them for any excellent work or result. Give them tickets to a show, a free dining coupon, or an extra day off, if possible.

8. Offer unique benefits package.

Who doesn’t want free snacks or lunch included in their unique benefits package? I’m sure one of your salespersons wants them. Include any of these perks in your company’s benefits package and see a spike in your team’s performance.

Do you have other tips on how to improve employees’ mood at work. Share them with the writers of Sales-Marketing Resume and post them in the comments section below.



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