Let Harry Potter Guide You in the Art of Networking

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Networking…oh, no.

There are many reasons why people hate it; it’s uncomfortable, makes you appear pushy, kind of awkward—especially if you have no idea what to talk about, and frustrating because you don’t know who to talk to! “Networking” has developed a bad reputation, but we’ll be clearing that out right here.

Real networking is about establishing mutual benefits, engaging, and sharing connections with one person. Interested in trying it? Keep reading, because Harry Potter and his friends will take you in the Apparition to success!

It Always Starts with Yourself, Not with Others

Shut up!Finite Incantatem! Shoo! Go away! Any networking advice that goes against your will has to be ignored. Personalize your plan, so you could discover your strengths, and use them as you start.

Less > More

Draco Malfoy eating aloneHaving plenty of events to attend and numerous people to talk business with, would not ricochet you to success. Less occasion you participate in, the more focused you get on your targeting goals.

First Impression Lasts

You don’t need to take an Ethics class in order to impress a person. Everyone has an innate knowledge of proper behavior, so all you have to do is show the best version of yourself. Don’t forget to smile!


Harry Potter and friendsGoing to a networking event without any idea what to say to strangers could be very distressing. Instead of roaming around the hall like an uninvited guest, volunteer to help with something. There you would have a purpose and tons of stuff to share with others.

Get in a Queue

Im Ron WeasleyThis short-term networking strategy is incredible. Get in line; the longer, the better. It gives you an opportunity to start a conversation either to the person in front, or the one behind you.

Set Your Goals

She needs to sort out her prioritiesAttend a networking event with a purpose. Focusing on one or two people to interact with is enough for you to establish a connection.

Get Real

Grown up harry potter and friendsPersuasion doesn’t mean bragging and making up stories to impress someone. You could also connect with your audience instantaneously by being friendly and sharing real-time tales with them.

Do Some Research

You wouldn’t want to attend a networking event with no idea of what it’s about. Do some pre-work; research about the companies and people you are likely to encounter in the event, so you would seem like you have been there before.

The Power of Listening

Hermione listeningBuilding connections doesn’t always start with a conversation; sometimes it begins with good listening. If someone tells a story and the crowd doesn’t seem to care, show him/her you do. He/She would appreciate the attention you pay, and that’s when a good relationship starts to form.

Follow-Up or Forget

It’s very simple. Don’t go if you have no interest in meeting people. If you do, follow-up by adding your new connections on LinkedIn ASAP; send them an email, or schedule a one-on-one meeting. If you don’t do anything to follow through in a maximum of 2 days, you would probably lose your chance.

Networking is a crucial step towards your career’s success. There are no spells or incantations that Mr. Potter can help you with to get you great connections overnight. You have to work hard for it. Remember, nothing that’s worth it is easy.

You could always prepare for your dream career while networking. Check out these marketing resume examples that would help you to start it right!



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