How Important Effective Communication is at Work

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Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.
– Stephen Richards Covey/ American author, businessman, and keynote speaker

Was there a time when someone got offended by what you said and you didn’t know why? We communicate every day but it’s puzzling to think that the majority of us still can’t master the art of effective communication.

At work, one of your daily responsibilities is communicating with your team. But it can be difficult if you cross the fine line between what you should say and what you need to say.


Why is it important?

Effective communication is significant to perform basic functions of management as it…

… can affect how clearly an employee understands and performs his/her tasks.
… plays an important role in an efficient decision-making process.
… can extinguish miscommunication that can lead to conflict.
… encourages openness and honesty.

There’s a difference between being honest and being crass. When you’re trying to speak your thoughts, you have to always think about how other people will interpret it. The first step to communicate effectively is to become a good listener. You must also keep these things in mind:

• Focus on the speaker
• Don’t interrupt or redirect the conversation to your concern
• Show interest
• Set aside your judgments for awhile
• Give feedback or acknowledgement

Effective communication is crucial to achieve a company’s objectives. According to the authors of “Effective Business Communications;, Herta Murphy, Herbt Hildebrandt, and Jane Thomas; the use of “the seven C’s”, including completeness, conciseness, consideration, concreteness, clarity, courteous, and clarity will make you become a good communicator.

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