Five Effective Resume Writing Tips for Mid-Level Employees

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Mid-level employees are those with 5 to 15 years of professional experience in one or a variety of jobs. As job seekers and seasoned executives, mid-level aspirants face a unique set of challenges for resume writing.

Is having a 10-year career enough to prove excellence in your chosen field such as sales? What should “regular” job-seeking pros do to sum-up their professional qualities to boost their chances against other candidates?



What You Should Do

Below are a few resume writing tips to help mid-level job seekers perfect their sales resume:

  • Make your profile summary stand out. You may not have a stellar career, but you can still prove your skills. You can place it on the Qualifications Profile (QP) section of your resume. Place this beneath your summary statement. The QP has four or five sentences, each starting with strong adjectives that describe you as a qualified pro.
  • List your abilities. One good way to impress the hiring manager is to include details. State revenue growth and profitability, product knowledge and promotion, sales cycle execution, brand positioning, key business partnerships, and others.
  • Emphasize work experience that relate straight to your target job. In your pursuit of the same career path, it may be easy for you to list each job you held, starting from the most recent. Yet if you wish to try a job in another field, you may still list them, but do not explain the ones that won’t boost your marketability.
  • Count your achievements. As a sales professional, you may not find it hard to include numbers and figures onto your resume. You may downplay your responsibilities, yet cite your major accomplishments in each job you held.
  • Include keywords. You have no other useful way of proving your knowledge in your field than adding relevant words. Use these words: sales, business, product, cost, account, trades, service, funds, planning, clients, and others.

A 15-year career may not promise you to land your target job. Hence, mid-level job seekers must show an outstanding application.

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