Creative Things Job Seekers Did to Get Noticed

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Are you looking for tips to land a sales job other than good resume writing skills? Check out these creative ideas thought of by some ingenious job seekers.

Rent a billboard.

billboard resume made by adam

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Just like what the billboard says, Adam Pacitti spent his last £500 for a billboard rental to advertise his social media campaign called “Employ Adam.” He got 60 job offers after the launch and ended up taking a job with Seachange where he worked as a viral producer.


Brew a beer CV.

resum-ale brewed beer cv

Photo courtesy of Adobe Systems Incorporated

Brennan Gleason, a recent design graduate at the time of his application, printed his resume on the bottles of his own homemade ale. He labeled each bottle with a portion of his portfolio and placed a QR code that can direct employers to his full resume. He landed a job at Techtone, a digital brand-marketing agency in Vancouver.


Auction yourself on eBay.

"john butler wants a job" ebay auction

Photo courtesy of MGN Limited

Failing to get a single interview from the 600 jobs he applied for, 18-year-old Josh Butler auctioned himself on eBay for a Buy It Now Price of £16,000. The idea worked and landed him an interview with John Lewis and two call centers. He now works as an FX broker at BGC Partners.


Send a chocolate CV.

chocolate resume

Photo courtesy of Eli Ranger via Reddit

Nick Begley thought his traditional CV wasn’t working so he wrapped it around a Nestle Crunch bar before giving it to his prospect employers. This sweet idea worked and he got a marketing job at Sportsvite.


Create a board game CV.

board game curriculum vitae (cv)

Image courtesy of Staintnicks

To keep her potential employers from getting bored, Jenny Johns designed a board game CV complete with dice, tokens, instructions, and game cards. She now works as a designer for Shinebox, an advertising agency in Minneapolis.


Hack your prospect’s web site.

Chris Putnam Facebook screenshot

Photo courtesy of Business Insider Australia

Chris Putnam was a troublemaker-turned-Facebook employee after building a hack that made the social media site’s profiles look like horrible MySpace profiles. Facebook Co-Founder Dustin Moskovitz, though annoyed, called him up and offered him a job after a month or so of continuous talk.


Take advantage of a newly launched app.

photo of Tristan Walker in white polo shirt

Photo courtesy of Tristan Walker’s LinkedIn account

When Foursquare was just starting out, Tristan Walker, one of the earliest and avid users of the app, sent a random e-mail to Foursquare founders and asked for a job interview. Pleased with his knowledge of the app and passion for the company, one of the founders called, interviewed, and hired him for a business development position. He worked for Foursquare for two and a half years before getting a job at Andreessen Horowitz. He is also the founder and CEO of Walker & Company Brands, Inc.

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