Bad Speech Habits to Avoid in Job Interviews

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You may seem confident on your resume, but can you show the same bravado in your job interview? Describing yourself as “confident” on paper can be hard to embody once your nerves kick in. It’s normal to feel anxious, but remember that it’s important that you keep your cool and nail the interview.

It’s not all about how you look like. You might be in your best suit, but flop your speech and you’re out of the shortlist. Here are bad speech habits you should stay clear of:



• Bad Grammar – Not being able to construct proper sentences makes your educational level questionable.
• Talking Weak – Answering questions with, “maybe,” or “I think…” conveys lack of confidence.
• Cussing or Cursing – This is pretty self-explanatory.
• Talking Too Fast or Slow – Talking too fast makes you seem nervous or in a hurry and talking too slow makes you seem unprepared.
• Interrupting Your Interviewer – It’s unprofessional and rude to interrupt a person when he/she is talking.
• Fillers – If you’re figuring out what to say, just pause for a while instead of saying, “Umm…” many times.
• Wrong Tone – Raising your intonation at the end of your sentences makes it sound more of a question than a statement.
• Sloppy Speaking – Pronouncing words indistinctively weakens your message’s clarity.

How to avoid it?

• Complete your sentences and that your tense usage is correct.
• Answer questions with powerful phrases such as “I am confident that…
• Take deep breaths and speak confidently.
• Allow the interviewer to finish his/her thoughts before you speak.
• Mind your tone.
• Practice speaking in normal speed with proper pronunciation.

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