5 of the Most Effective Ways to Avoid Office Drama

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It’s normal for office work to cause stress and annoyance at times. But people who make a big deal of things only make the situation worse. It’s not bad to have small talk with your co-workers as it strengthens your comradeship. But when a conversation becomes toxic, you might be hanging around a wrong colleague.





Spotting a drama queen or drama king doesn’t require thorough research. You can easily tell if your colleague…

…thinks he/she is always right.
…engages in toxic gossips.
….shares information that is too personal.
…tries too hard to become the “favorite”.
…grooms all the time at his/her desk.
…pressures others to share his/her interests.
…infects almost everyone in the office with a contagious ailment.
…lets their gadgets disturb the peace of others.

What are the effective ways to avoid office drama?

1. Stay away from the drama king/queen.

Negative people breeds negativity. If they constantly complain about everything that seems to be “wrong” in the workplace, they will likely rub off their negative vibes on you. It’s best to avoid them before they affect your work attitude.

2. Set limits

Small conversations with a drama king/queen can lead to a stressful venting session. Set boundaries for yourself so you don’t end up fueling the rumor mill that you will regret soon. It’s not bad to chitchat but once the conversation turns into a gossip, leave and get back to work.

3. Be a good example

There will always be people in the office who love to exaggerate things. If they can’t see how toxic their attitudes are, you should be the one to adjust. The best thing you can do is either avoid them or deal with them.

4. Don’t be afraid to stand up for someone

People who crave the drama are eager to hear the latest office gossip to pass on. When you hear a rude rumor about a co-worker, suggest that he/she is probably doing his/her best to work things out. Gossipers usually don’t stop this bad trait unless someone stands up to them.

5. Don’t be the cause of chaos

If an angry worker asks your insights about how awful the workplace is, don’t answer immediately. Giving your opinion means participating in their office dirt. The general rule is to respond professionally as if your superiors are present.

People who gossip TO you will gossip ABOUT you. The bottom line is, there will always be negative people around and the best thing to do is to remain understanding, professional, and respectful.

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