10 Effective Ways to Do Sales Presentation Like a Pro

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“All the good speakers were bad speakers at first.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson/ American poet, essayist, and lecturer

Performing sales presentations can be really daunting. Especially when your audience consists of clients and bosses who have high expectations. Thanks to self-doubt, presumptions, and stage fright, your well-practiced speech now evaporates to nothingness.



So, what makes an effective presenter? Here are some helpful tips to improve your public speaking skills, and make you look like you’ve already done it many times before:

Use Innovated Slide Show Templates

Instead of the traditional PowerPoint templates, use business presentation templates or sales marketing PowerPoint templates instead. These can easily be downloaded online. You may also use animated templates such as Prezi. Just remember to avoid overdoing your slides.


To be an effective presenter, you must know your material inside out. You will likely put your audience to sleep if you simply read your note cards.

Break the Ice

Presentations that are dull and stiff can be difficult for both presenter and audience. Start off by asking interesting questions. This is an effective strategy to engage your audience and keep them interested, because this encourages them to participate in the presentation.

Keep Them Engaged

Don’t stop with the ice breaker. Follow it up by asking a poll question to wake their curiosity up. You can also do the following:

  • Tell Stories – Capture their interest by telling them real, yet interesting stories that are related to your subject matter. This can inspire your audience, as well as leave a fond memory of your presentation.
  • Show a Little Sense of Humor – Presentations don’t have to be dead-serious. If you’re good at telling jokes, crack some to add charm to your speech. By doing this, your audience will be more energized and inspired to listen attentively.
  • Set Examples – If you think you’re bad at jokes, provide a real-life example instead. This will help establish the mood as you further discuss your point.

Be Enthusiastic

Be confident and enthusiastic. You can’t convince your audience to be engaged if you yourself look miserable.

Body Language

Be conscious of your body language; fidgeting conveys nervousness, pacing back and forth while talking demonstrates insecurity, and stuttering shows lack of confidence.

Keep it Simple

Less is more. Do not complicate your presentation with too much text, flashy images, and quirky transitions. Use bullets for key points instead. By doing so, you can effectively discuss without having your audience question it like, “Wait, it’s already written on the slide!”

Branding is Key

Regardless of your approach, you must present to reinforce a brand’s image. Use the same fonts, color schemes, and logos that the company uses on the website and documents.

Believe in Your Product or Service

Have faith in what you are selling. It is the most critical component of your presentation. Address it as if you were the first to try and be satisfied with it. Your positive outlook will motivate your audience to experience the product or service you’re marketing.

You don’t have to take a business program to know how to do a presentation like a pro. Know your material, be confident, and believe in yourself. That is the secret to a wonderful pitch.

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